1. Lot clearance and preparing the site:

    Before construction begins, we will meet at your site and discuss the various aspects of site preparation, orientation, views and  site lines, trees to save or remove and your overall expectations and vision for the site. We will discuss how best to enhance and preserve what first attracted you to the property.

    2) Foundation

    3) Framing: The abstract and theoretical plans and vision begin to take shape. The flow and scope of the space and the layout of the rooms becomes real. Windows and doors are installed.

    4) Rough-in,

  • HVAC Rough,

  • Plumbing Top Out

  • Electrical Wiring: Along with the specific trade contractors, we will walk you through the layout of the lighting, outlets and switches. This is the time to make sure everything is where you want it to be. Minor location changes can usually be done at this time for a minimal charge. It will be expensive or impossible later.

  • Low Voltage: your telephone, cable TV, Security, Stereo and home theatre needs. Our contractor will meet with you on site to discuss the best locations and layout of each room.

    6) Pre- Drywall: City and or third party inspectors will conduct thorough inspections of your home. As they do, they will note any corrections to be made.  Due to the complexity of building a unique custom home, there will almost always be items to correct or documentation to provide to the inspectors. All of the corrections must be made before we can proceed. After the initial rush of activity the progress will seem to slow down at this point.  

  • Exterior paint - We will supply up to three exterior color samples and we need your approval before proceeding.

     There will be an extra charge for additional samples.

  • Roof installation

  • Stucco – We will prepare up to three sample finishes and will need approval before proceeding. There will be a charge for extra samples.

  • Stone, brick or other masonry – We can prepare three samples for you to approve before continuing. There will be an extra charge for additional samples.

  • Insulation - There many options that provide various levels of efficiency with a range of costs. We have included in your budget a system that provides very good performance and savings. We can discuss other options, pros and cons and pricing as you wish.

            7)  Drywall –

  • If special textures and finishes are required, we will need you to approve a sample before we begin this phase of work.               There will be extra charges for specialty finishes or areas prepared for wall coverings.


    8) Cabinets, Trim and Interior Doors

  • Cabinets installed

  • Interior doors installed

  • Interior trim installed – We will meet with you on site to verify pantry and closet shelving options. Simple adjustments can be accomplished at no charge, while major deviation from the approved plans will require a signed change order.

  • Tile – All ceramic tile, backsplashes, tile or slab counter tops and tile floors will be installed at this phase.

    9) Interior Paint and Stain: We can prepare up to FIVE samples and will need your approval before applying. Please remember that large wall areas can often appear darker than the manufacturers’ sample.

 We typically include five paint colors and one stain color in your contract. Additional colors are $300.00 each.

    10) Driveway and Walks: We will meet onsite to discuss the final layout of your driveway and walkways, now that we are well into the construction phase, we can better assess the best locations, ease of coming and going and any trees or site conditions that need to be considered.

    11) Set outs.

  • Plumbing fixtures are installed

  • Electrical fixtures, lighting and utility connections.

  • HVAC condensers and grills are installed.

  • Landscaping and plants are installed.

    12) Carpet and final floors.

  • Carpet is installed

  • Glue down wood floors are installed

  • Any pre installed floors are given final finishes

  • All door and cabinet hardware, exterior door locks and bath accessories are installed at this time

    13) Punch out.  Now your home is substantially complete but some miscellaneous deficiencies are being addressed. Paint is being touched up, drywall repairs, cabinets and doors are adjusted and a thorough final cleaning. Our goal is to fully complete your home and all the punch items before you move in because it is obviously harder to correct any defects once you are in your new home.

However due to the many complexities of building a custom home there may be a few minor issues that have to be addressed after you move in. For this to be accomplished, both parties will sign an agreed upon list of the remaining items before the closing.

    14) Final Walk-through. We will schedule a final walk through with you to answer any questions and discuss any issues or concerns.  We will make note of any overlooked or incomplete deficiencies that may remain. The walk-through will be scheduled several days prior to closing. This will give us time to make any final fixes.

15) Closing and move in.  Congratulations! You have worked hard and made hundreds, if not thousands of decisions. Now you are more than ready for moving day!

 Warranty. Your new home comes with a limited warranty which includes the following provisions;

  1. For a period of one (1) year, the materials and workmanship will be free from construction defects.

  2. For a period of two (2) years, the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems shall be free from construction defects.

  3. For a period of ten (10) years the major structural components shall be free from construction defects.

You will be given a binder at closing containing many of the manufacturer’s warranty documents and a full copy of the warranty provided by Randall Custom Homes as part of your purchase price. Also included in your warranty binder will be a list of the major trade contractors who worked on your home along with their contact information. Please review the documents closely for specific details of the coverage provided.

WARRANY NOTIFICATION; At closing you will be given a warranty request form. If a warranty issue arises you can fill out the form describing the details of the problem and submit it to either by mail, fax or email. All requests for warranty service must be in writing. Except for emergencies during the first year warranty service will be scheduled on two dates:

  1. ) 45 days after you have been living in your new home

  2. ) After you have been in your home for eleven months.

Although a thorough punch out of your home has been completed, a few minor items may need to be addressed once you have been living in your home. Scheduling for multiple trades on multiple days to do warranty work, and be in and out of your home is problematic and is always inconvenient. To minimize the disruption we will make every effort to set the forty-five day and eleven month review and warranty adjustments on individual days.

Welcome home!